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    How To: Build your suburban office to trump city life

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    The hustle and bustle of the city is something many office workers are familiar with. When we think of offices, our minds immediately jump to skyrises, congested cities, and a busy commute. Sure, cities can tempt us with thriving businesses and fun food spots, but it’s the suburbs of cities that have recently seen the largest share of economic activity (around 44% of businesses and jobs in fact) when actually only accounting for 9% of land.

    Why is this? Maybe it’s the fact that towns are investing more in their own leisure, hospitality and business, creating more lure for the suburban office. And office design and relocation experts, Diamond Interiors know this all too well, as they share their know-how on how to build an enticing suburban office to compete with the city.

    Transforming your basic suburban office into something irresistible

    With location playing a big part in office costs, those setting up or relocating outside the city can save a great deal. With those savings, they can create inspiring workplaces that attract the best talent. We’re finding those in the suburbs are actually creating cooler and more creative office spaces, and here’s how you can do the same:

    1. Technology that suits today

    One thing that’s sure to attract the high-level candidates is up-to-date tech. These days, office workers use more than one screen to work more productively and comfortably. If you have a smaller company, you may want to give each employee a tablet to work on the go or for meetings. You don’t have to go all out, but more screens, projectors, copiers and laptops etc. can make your employees’ working days much more efficient and motivating.

    2. Decor that’s far from dull

    In the city, you can find amazing office spaces, cool designs and uniqueness, but that doesn’t mean a suburban office can’t match this. Vibrancy over minimalism works. It all depends on your brand but there’s no reason to be too strict when it comes to brightening up a workplace, especially when you want workers to actually want to work there. Natural lighting is key, but if that’s tricky, make sure walls and colours are lighter. Your office lighting needn’t be dull either; opt for impressive ceiling fixtures and office lamps or spotlights. Carpets can have quirky designs, and walls can display unique stencil art or quotes to inspire your people.

    3. Office perks

    It’s a competitive world out there, so to attract the best talent you need to think about what your company can bring to the table. When thinking up a new office, use office perks to inspire you. Maybe you’ll have a relaxation room which staff can use to read, play games or take a nap; tables filled with treats, puzzles, or weekly takeaways.  Or, you may want a games room for staff to enjoy, and to get the creative juices flowing.

    4. Providing for the hybrid worker

    Nick Pollitt, Managing Director of Diamond Interiors says: “Considering so many are used to working from home now, the office space needs to be even more inviting and accommodating. Companies are catching on and are getting creative with office perks and funky features. The office needs to be an inspiring, aesthetically pleasing space where your staff actually want to be and enjoy spending time. This can mean adopting a more hygge-style that factors in safe socialisation, a cosy feel and vibrant design when competing with homeworking.

    “We’re seeing a new trend for 2021 is the ‘homely office’ – adding nature, plants and creating a more comfortable workplace with cool, collaborative spaces because that’s what people have been missing also: interaction.”

    Why the suburban office works

    A main driver for the city office appeal is the locality of amenities and food spots. But, with more delivery partner businesses popping up and independent cafes and markets dotted around the suburbs, offices outside of the city can finally compete. Not only that, the commute can be so much easier with congestion reduced. And with a creative vision, the suburban office can certainly draw in the right candidates, and can even offer something different than the city; people have gotten used to a more comfortable and chilled environment, after all.

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