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How can you request funding for training?

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By Hana Gray, CEO, The Office Management Group… It’s something we have seen so often; it’s been over social media and in the press across the board in the administrative profession – there is a distinct lack of support by businesses for professional development and funding in these roles. Learning and development at work is […]

Introducing The Office Management Portal

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Providing you with access to all the tools, resources and advice you need to run your office with ease, The Office Management Portal helps to develop you in your role.  Founded by Hana Gray in 2017, having an expansive career in both PA/EA and Office Management roles, she carried out research and established the need […]

One third of UK office desk items are never cleaned

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28% of telephones, 31% of keyboards and 36% of computer mice are not cleaned at all within the workspace. That’s according to a survey of over 650 UK office employees conducted by GCC Facilities Management, which found risks of heterotrophic bacteria, E. coli, Helicobacter pylori, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus as items touched the most […]

The best British bosses revealed

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The British public are more than satisfied with their bosses, it has been revealed. A whitepaper by One4all Rewards showed that more than half of British workers would say they have a good or even great boss, with many managers being applauded for their communication skills that leave staff feeling worthwhile by the end of […]

Go green for good

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Sustainability is a hot topic for today’s businesses, with governments all over the world putting strict guidelines into place. Chelsea Langston-Lloyd explains how PAs and office managers can go green with some simple changes We are all busy in our day jobs and thinking about being sustainable in the workplace isn’t really at the forefront […]

Half of Brits asked to clean the office

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More than half of British workers have been asked to clean their place of work by their boss despite it not being in their job description, according to new research. A survey of 1,000 UK workers carried out by interiors etailer found British employees are losing 13 working hours per year cleaning their office […]

5 ways to tackle office clutter

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It’s easy to get snowed under as a PA. You’ve got mail coming in throughout the day, a million documents to file or pass on, and a heap of other ‘things’ that keep piling up. A clear desk does wonders for the psyche, so here are five tips to help you tackle office clutter. 1 […]

Office prices fall following Brexit

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The value of commercial space across the UK fell by 3.3% in July following the Brexit vote, with the City of London hit the hardest, according to the monthly index compiled by CBRE. In the City, office prices dropped by 6.1% following the vote to leave the EU. CNBC reports that this is proof of […]

3 ways to reduce distractions with office design

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In charge of your office move or refurb? There are three things you can do to avoid employee distractions, according to Andre Lavoie, CEO and Co-Founder of the Clear Company. Here are his top tips to reduce distractions through office design. 1 Get feedback Ask your colleagues for feedback on the office design. Find out […]