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      3 ways to reduce distractions with office design

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      In charge of your office move or refurb? There are three things you can do to avoid employee distractions, according to Andre Lavoie, CEO and Co-Founder of the Clear Company. Here are his top tips to reduce distractions through office design.

      1 Get feedback
      Ask your colleagues for feedback on the office design. Find out what they think are the biggest distraction-causing problems so you can work on improving the layout of the office to help them focus.

      2 Create private spaces
      Open-plan offices are great for collaboration, but they’re very bad for those who need to do work on their own. Distractions interrupt a person’s work flow for up to 23 minutes, according to research, and many employees feel they have to leave to get things done. With this in mind, it’s important to find or design your office to include private areas where staff can get away from the activity and focus on the task at hand.

      3 Provide tools to stop distractions
      The best way to avoid complaints about disruptions is to provide employees with the tools they need to stay on task. There are lots of programmes available to track productivity and block common online distractions. You should also consider offering noise-cancelling headphones, or allow staff to bring in their own. Think about offering in-house training on concentration techniques so employees feel more empowered in themselves to stay on task.

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