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How to master the office move

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As part of our series taking a look at the projects that PAs and EAs are tackling as part of their day-to-day work, we talk to Nathalie Gregory, PA & Office Administrator at Liquidnet Europe, about planning an office move… Tell us about the project and its objectives Over the last two to three years, […]

How to plan a successful office move

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If you’re putting together plans to relocate your business, it’s likely you’ll find it can be as challenging as it is exciting, writes Amvia’s Nathan Hill-Haimes… Ensuring that you have everything in place in a timely manner is imperative if you want to avoid costly downtime and disappointed customers. Depending on the size of your […]

How to handle an office relocation

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An office move can be an overwhelming project, with many factors coming into play from the new office’s location, its transport links and whether it has enough parking spaces. Simon Gammell, director at Crown Workspace, shares his top five tips to help ease the whole process. As a PA, you tend to know the ins […]

What to consider when kitting out your new office

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Heading up an office move? Here are some important things to consider when choosing furniture, according to Paula Marshall, head of furniture category sales at business solutions provider Office Depot. Creating a working environment that is inspiring, functional and ‘on brand’ is crucial for businesses. There has been much research that links a high-quality, scenic […]

3 ways to reduce distractions with office design

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In charge of your office move or refurb? There are three things you can do to avoid employee distractions, according to Andre Lavoie, CEO and Co-Founder of the Clear Company. Here are his top tips to reduce distractions through office design. 1 Get feedback Ask your colleagues for feedback on the office design. Find out […]

5 things to consider when moving offices

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There are occasions when your boss gives you the task of looking for new premises because the company has outgrown its existing office, the company wants to relocate for better business opportunities, or simply because the rents are too high, but where do you start? It may seem a little daunting, with lots of factors […]