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    With the temperature nearing 30C this week, if you’re feeling ‘trapped’ in the office, you’re not alone. More than half of UK workers admit to feeling glum being stuck indoors during the heatwave with a third feeling trapped inside. One in four would rather be out making the most of the weather rather than stuck […]

    How to stay cool in an overheated workplace

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    Chris Meredith from office space rental agency London Offices, shares his tips to help keep the office and its employees cool this summer With summer well and truly on its way, the workplace is likely to become much warmer and overheat, resulting in employees suffering and sweltering the day away. But there are some ways […]

    Are your colleagues focused in meetings? Or planning dinner…?

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    If today’s meeting lacks focus, it could be that your staff and colleagues are actually thinking about something entirely different. According to new research, 38 per cent of office workers are thinking about what’s for dinner when they should be concentrating in meetings, with 37 per cent planning for the weekend and 13 per cent […]

    Five ways to create the perfect home office

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    Creating a blissful workplace in your home might seem counterintuitive but actually it can really help your productivity. What with the rising cost of office spaces and coffee shops often being too noisy and distracting, building a home office can be a great way of motivating yourself. Shane Clifford, co-founder and CEO of new bill […]

    What kind of office eater are you?

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    Working in an office environment, it’s difficult not to notice people’s eating habits. The kitchen can be the catalyst of many office disputes, with many employees complaining about the mess and who used the last of the milk. With this in mind, Forward Role Recruitment has found that there are nine key types of eaters […]

    How to make the most of a downsized workplace

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    Paula Marshall, head of furniture and category sales at Office Depot UK and Ireland, shares her tips on how employers can adapt to a smaller workplace Often, the luxury of space can come at a high expense, especially for businesses looking to locate themselves in city centres. To combat this increased cost, many SME business […]

    office*’s Duncan Siegle welcomes visitors to the 2018 show

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    With the 2018 event set to kick off tomorrow, Duncan Siegle, event director of office*, reveals what guests can expect from the two days at London Olympia. We are delighted to bring you another year of office*. The show is packed full of prospective business, networking and learning opportunities. The exhibition showcases a dynamic range […]

    Join the PA Life Club at office* and receive a 10% discount

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    PA Life will be offering PAs an exclusive 10 per cent discount for membership to its PA Life Club during office*. The member’s only club, which usually costs £74.17 excluding VAT to join, will be priced at £66.75 excluding VAT for a limited time only. If you’re an assistant visiting the two-day event, be sure […]

    Are you an office geek?

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    If you enjoy putting together a spreadsheet and using three different colour highlighters during your working day, you could earn yourself the title as ‘office geek’. Researchers who polled 2,000 office employees found that half consider themselves to be someone who takes pride in having nice stationery and a tidy desk. The study found 29 […]

    UK office workers waste over 1 million hours a week searching for documents

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    Offices across the UK are so disorganised they are losing over one million hours a week searching for misplaced documents, that’s seven days a year for each worker and is costing UK businesses £20 million a year in wasted time. Research from office product specialists, Fellowes, also found that half of UK workers have documents that […]