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How to brief your agency

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Are you thinking of putting on an event, or in the process of organising one? If so, will you be using an event production or AV company to help realise it? Sometimes companies will enlist the help of event production during the final stages of event preparation presenting them with a limited list of requirements, […]

App of the week: Google Assistant

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Why Google Assistant?  The Google ecosystem is growing faster than any other tech company. With a range of smart devices filling both the home and the office, it’s becoming harder and harder to go through a working day without relying on something from the tech company. Google Assistant is the latest app from the tech giant […]

Avery UK launches guide to organisation alongside new office life study

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Have you ever wondered how much of your time in the office is spent on the phone, reading emails, drinking tea and looking for missing stationery? A new study from Avery UK has lifted the lid on office life, revealing that the average office worker will drink 24,684 cups of tea, fall out with colleagues […]

5 ways to tackle office clutter

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It’s easy to get snowed under as a PA. You’ve got mail coming in throughout the day, a million documents to file or pass on, and a heap of other ‘things’ that keep piling up. A clear desk does wonders for the psyche, so here are five tips to help you tackle office clutter. 1 […]

Top desk etiquette tips

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Your desk is your space when you’re at work. It is a sacred bubble that you keep as your own, but remember that what you do with it can affect your colleagues, especially if you work in an open-plan office. Here are some top tips from Staples to help you adhere to desk etiquette. Get […]