Top desk etiquette tips

Tips for desk etiquette

Your desk is your space when you’re at work. It is a sacred bubble that you keep as your own, but remember that what you do with it can affect your colleagues, especially if you work in an open-plan office. Here are some top tips from Staples to help you adhere to desk etiquette.

Get your own stationery
We all have that one colleague who constantly asks to borrow your stapler. Maybe it’s you who’s always on the hunt for a particular tool. Solve the problem by stocking your desk with all the essentials – and maybe a little extra in case your boss has a habit of stealing your pens.

Avoid smelly foods
If you work in an open-plan office, try to avoid eating anything with a strong smell at your desk. You may think your leftover salmon from last night smells amazing, but others find the odour a bit too much to handle. So if it’s got a lingering aroma, take it outside or keep it in the kitchen.

Clean up after yourself
Every office has a different policy when it comes to dishes. If you have a communal set that everyone uses, be sure to wash up whatever you use when you’re done with it. There’s nothing worse than going for a coffee break and finding there aren’t any mugs because your colleague is starting a collection on their desk.

Keep it tidy
A well-organised space can help you stay productive and improves your general mood. Some people find clutter on other desks distracting, so be polite and keep your own desk tidy. If you look after the office, try to enforce this rule with everyone.

Be quiet
Conversations cause a lot of distraction. Desk etiquette suggests that personal chit-chat should take place away from your work station, whether it’s a catch-up with a colleague or a phone call. The same goes for work-related conversations – try to find a break-out space or a meeting room so you don’t cause too much noise for those around you.

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