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Economic downturn hits new mothers harder

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Maternity leave looks set to become even more financially challenging for British women. British women only typically receive 47% of the minimum wage while on maternity leave. Yet with UK inflation hitting a 40 year high of 9%, the real-world spending power of women on maternity leave is reducing dramatically. The British Chambers of Commerce […]

Childcare costs soar as the gap to maternity pay widens

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The UK’s childcare costs are the highest in the developed world, and rising well above the rate of maternity pay which has gone down in real terms over the last 12 years. Research from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found childcare costs have risen by £2,200 each year since 2010, coinciding with the Conservative party […]

The UK is one of the top 10 countries to work in

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We are amongst the best ten countries to work in here in the UK. The recent survey makes fascinating reading, with insights into the working environments in the best countries to work in around the world; comparing pay, parental leave, holiday entitlement as well as cultural habits. Whether you work with colleagues or customers abroad, […]

Parents feel their careers squeezed after asking for parental leave

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1 in 6 parents felt their career opportunities reduced after simply requesting parental leave. A new study reveals widespread bias against those taking parental leave in the UK, as 1 in 6 parents felt their career opportunities reduced after simply requesting parental leave. Almost a quarter of employees (23%) said that the stress of work […]

One in five younger UK workers have quit their job due to poor parental leave support

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One-in-five (18%) 18–34-year-olds has quit their job due to poor parental leave policies, with a further 25% of younger workers saying they decided not to apply for a job because they thought the employer’s parental leave policies were inadequate. The findings are part of a study – ‘Lost Connections: Supporting parents and caregivers in the workplace’ – commissioned by Vodafone, which argues […]

What leave and flexible working are parents entitled to during the pandemic?

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Advice by Kate Palmer, Associate Director of Advisory at Peninsula With many children set to remain out of school for some time, employers who are trying to return to normal may see an increase in parents struggling with childcare. To this end, they must be familiar with the rights that working parents have. Denying employees […]