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Eventist Group Unveils Exciting Rebranding: Introducing Eventist Live

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Eventist Live formerly known as IE Live, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its journey – a complete rebranding to now be known as Eventist Live. This strategic move comes after an intensive six-month process of meticulous planning, creative exploration, and development. The transformation is not merely cosmetic; Eventist Live has introduced a […]

Five things an event planner looks for on a venue visit

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There are five key things that an event planner looks for on a venue visit. Here, in her own words, events guru, and hospitality consultant Liz Taylor of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, shares her thoughts and experiences of the top five things to look for on a venue visit. Ideas channelled from years of working […]

How to make the most of your Christmas party co-ordinator

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The Christmas party planning season is upon us – potentially leaving you with weeks of incredible stress. Balancing life, work and all the party organisation; sometimes there’s just never enough hours in the day. To help make sure that your soirée is remembered by friends and colleagues for all the right reasons, here are our […]

How to make your Christmas party a festive success

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A Christmas party is a brilliant way to bring people together. Don’t panic if you’ve left it a little late, choosing a weekday to celebrate or holding a daytime event means you can still capitalise on the goodwill of the season. It’s never easy to plan a work party, remembering that you need to create […]