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Do you allow dogs into the office? 1 in 2 Brits would like to bring their furry friends into work…

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There is no disputing that Britain is a nation of dog lovers, and with more and more people becoming dog owners over the last year, it’s understandable that new ‘pawrents’ may be concerned about leaving their four-legged friends at home now the time has come to return to the office. To investigate the growing number […]

What do you do with your dog when you return to the office?

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The pandemic saw a huge rise in pet ownership, going from 41% of households to 59% in just one year. Dogs remain the most popular choice. Furlough, home working, limits on outdoor activities and loneliness all contributed to the rise. However, the imminent return to the office, for most people (at least part time), means that […]

Bringing Your Pets into the Office: The Pet-Friendly London Areas for Professionals

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By Edward Griffin, CEO of WorkPad It’s back to the office for many, and for the 3.2 million households which welcomed a new pet into their lives over the pandemic, there may be concerns over separation anxiety, being allowed to bring our furry friends into the office, and how to keep their dogs well-behaved and popular […]

Paws for thought: How to create a pet policy for your office

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Advice by Kate Palmer, HR Advice Director at Peninsula… Pet ownership in the UK has exploded during the pandemic, with 3.2 million households getting a new pet during lockdown. According to data from the Pet Food Manufacturers association, over half of new owners are in the younger age bracket, with 59% under 34 which means […]

Millennials call for office dogs

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Businesses are being encouraged to go pet-friendly following reports that it could increase youth productivity. Pet food company Purina has released a toolkit outlining the benefits of bringing a dog into the office, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to make your company pet-friendly. The research revealed that dog owners are likely to […]