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Towergate Health & Protection launches winter survival checklist 

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Clocks change Sunday 25th October and for many this could be a depressing time. From dark evenings to the pressure of working from home, employees need support to help improve their health and wellbeing. To help with the isolation this winter, Towergate Health & Protection has launched a survival checklist for SMEs to support employees […]

Five tips to a better work-life balance

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It’s never easy to keep a good work-life balance that benefits both your career and your well-being. We’ve all tried to work hard and then play hard but ultimately one usually suffers. With these five tips, could you finally manage it? With what feels like an ongoing struggle with achieving the ideal work-life balance, recent […]

Over 8 in 10 employees admit observing presenteeism in the workplace

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It’s become a lot more common for people to go to work whilst they are ill, taking a ‘sick day’ has become much less common. However, could those coming to work instead of taking a sick day actually harm your company more? Research by the instant group looks into just that. The number of lost […]

Stimulate your employees’ brains with an enriched working environment

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We all know that office buildings aren’t the most inspirational places to be. You spend over a third of your life at work, where often creativity is rewarded. However, if you are based in an office filled with lots of desks and neutral colours, sometimes thinking outside the box and trying to motivate yourself isn’t easy. Office […]