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    Towergate Health & Protection launches winter survival checklist 

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    Clocks change Sunday 25th October and for many this could be a depressing time. From dark evenings to the pressure of working from home, employees need support to help improve their health and wellbeing.

    To help with the isolation this winter, Towergate Health & Protection has launched a survival checklist for SMEs to support employees through this time:

    Physical health 

    Many people are putting off important medical screening, but they are still there and employers need to encourage employees to make the most of any healthcare provided.

    Mental health

    Getting outside, learning new skills and connecting with others are more important than ever. Employers can play their part in ensuring that staff maintain routine and proactively support a work/life balance.


    Regular exercise not only raises self-esteem but also releases chemicals in the brain which improve mood. Employers can implement small challenges to increase daily step counts or arrange inter-departmental challenges.


    Both quality and quantity of sleep are important for wellbeing. Employers can encourage employees to make use of personalised apps that can help them deal with stress and anxiety, to switch off and relax.


    A healthy diet, with a good mix of fruit and vegetables will help to maintain good mental and physical wellbeing. Receiving enough Vitamin D is harder in the darker winter months and the NHS recommends adults consider taking a daily 10mg supplement.

    Financial wellbeing

    Financial security, or lack of it, can have an enormous impact on mental wellbeing. Employers can help by proactively providing staff with information about how to manage their financial situation.

    Talk it through, seek help

    One of the most important steps in ensuring good wellbeing is to talk about any issues and, if necessary, seek help. Employers are well placed to provide tangible help in terms of offering access to mental health assistance and signposting to relevant professional advice.

    Brett Hill, distribution director at Towergate Health & Protection says, ‘It is more important than ever for employers to engage with their employees and to be aware of the pressures upon them. With social distancing and many not physically working with their colleagues, we are all rather more removed from each other, and people can take a dip without others noticing. Communication is key and we encourage employers to make regular contact with employees – by phone not just email – to make sure their workforce knows their company cares, and is aware of any support available.’

    Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels
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