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More work tools equals less efficiency

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A study by HubSpot has found that the more tools workers had at their disposal, the less efficient they were with their time. “In today’s hyper-connected workplace, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you have to take on everything at once,” said Brian Johnson, Operations Director at leading digital and marketing recruitment […]

Unorthodox places to plan events

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Building on the idea of planning an event at an academic venue, Dexter Eanes, freelance writer for Total Marketing, looks into a few additional places that might be somewhat unorthodox, but which can make for great event settings, corporate or otherwise. These places can host large groups, keep everyone relaxed, and establish a vaguely carefree […]

5 tips for how to stay focused at work

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We have all had those days when we just can’t seem to get started on our tasks for the day. There is always some distraction at hand – usually in the form of our smartphones, begging for our attention. Whether that is the messages from a Whatsapp group, scrolling through Instagram pages or catching up […]

Why it’s so important to view your event space as part of the planning process

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Maria Fuller, EA and author of How to be a PA, shares some helpful tips on how to manage an event more efficiently and what you can do to ensure your event runs as smooth as possible If you’re employed in a business support role, it’s likely at some point in your career, you will […]

Retirement gender gap continues to grow

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The gap between men and women’s expected retirement incomes have increased by £1,000 in the last year according to new statistics. Research by Prudential has shown the changing trends over the last 10 years in order to work out how those looking to retire soon will be affected by the genderpay gap. Women planning to […]