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    Unorthodox places to plan events

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    Building on the idea of planning an event at an academic venue, Dexter Eanes, freelance writer for Total Marketing, looks into a few additional places that might be somewhat unorthodox, but which can make for great event settings, corporate or otherwise. These places can host large groups, keep everyone relaxed, and establish a vaguely carefree vibe without being too loose.

    Botanical gardens
    Most major cities around the world now have botanical gardens of one kind or another, and sometimes there are even indoor spaces. You usually can’t find a much more beautiful spot in a city, which makes these gardens very pleasant places to congregate. Renting them out can be a little bit tricky depending on specific venues, but if you can pull it off this can make for a very laid back venue in which everyone will feel comfortable – provided good weather.

    While not everyone enjoys the actual games in a casino, there’s something about the setting that tends to put everyone at ease. When you know people are gambling and sipping cocktails all around you, it just feels okay to let loose. And if you’re interested in planning an event at a venue like this, you might be glad to know casinos are easier to find than you might first guess. You can look into casinos at sea in areas where they might not be legal on land, and where they are legal on land there are usually a few here and there in big cities or beautiful country areas.

    Parking garages
    This is an idea that frankly I never would have thought of, but it came up in an article on unconventional event ideas. And since that article specifically invited people to steal ideas, I’m doing just that. It pointed out that the top level of most metro parking garages is open and has the best view of the skyline, which can make it a surprisingly lovely place to gather with a group. Plus, as it also pointed out, there’s built-in parking for everyone. If you have the capability to occupy the top level of a city parking deck, put out some tables and chairs and bring in refreshments, you could be in for a surprisingly cool setup.

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