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What are you doing for your Christmas party this year?

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We are currently running polls across social media to find out what you are doing for Christmas this year. With Christmas coming, we wanted to discover how you would be celebrating this year and if you are having a Christmas Party. On LinkedIn we created a poll asking what are you doing for your Christmas […]

Have you already quit your New Year’s diet?

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None of our PA Life Twitter followers have vowed to stick to their New Year’s diet for the entire year. It’s January 4, 2019 – that’s right we’re already four days into the New Year and we have been inundated with ideas to help people diet, quit smoking and even take part in the dreaded […]

Do you over exaggerate your weekends at work?

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Every Friday when you leave work, you dream of having that perfect weekend, that two day holiday that will go down through the ages. So when Monday finally rolls around and all you’ve done is lay in bed and wasted the last two days doing absolutely nothing, of course, you don’t want to tell your […]

PA Life readers reveal if they are struggling with their workload

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Our readers responded to a Twitter poll asking how much they struggle with their workload. 58 per cent of you revealed that you aren’t battling against your workload, despite a recent study finding that nine out of ten workers do not feel adequately trained to handle their workload. It seems our PAs are fully equipped […]