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    Bullying is systemic in the workplace, despite WFH

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    Whilst we may not all be facing each other across our desks at the moment as we circumnavigate our way through Covid-19, bullying is still rife and systemic in the workplace, with cyber bullying in particular being driven higher by the pandemic, according to leaders in change management. As anti-bullying week (November 16th-20th) approaches, Thom Dennis, MD of […]

    Where would you like to work today…?

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    Office workers are adopting a ‘work from anywhere’ approach – by looking for temporary ‘home offices’ on the coast or away from the cities. A study of 2,000 ‘WFH’ adults found six in 10 would consider working remotely from somewhere other than their primary residence. And the average office worker would like to pack up […]

    Home is where the heart is… and now the office too

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    Almost one in four adults now find it harder to relax in their home – after it became their primary workspace. A study of 2,000 Brits found they spent an average of nine hours a day at home before the pandemic. But lockdown had seen this figure increase by eight hours, with 35 per cent […]

    UK office workers dreading WFH during the winter

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    Four in 10 British office workers fear their mental health and wellbeing will suffer if they have to spend another six months working from home. The study of 2,000 employees found 41 per cent already feel more anxious and isolated than ever before, after already spending months cooped up. Missing out on office banter, feeling […]

    A guide to onboarding new employees remotely

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    By Mark Seemann, founder/CEO of StaffCircle Onboarding remote workers presents businesses with a new set of challenges not faced when onboarding in the workplace. The familiar induction process, built around face-to-face introductions, needs to be modified for the digital sphere. Communication is often the biggest challenge for remote workers. Having a timetable for the first […]

    Office workers reluctant to give up their slippers and tracksuit bottoms

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    Millions of office workers would happily ditch formal office wear for good – with many unwilling to give up their slippers when they eventually return to the workplace. Research of 2,000 adults revealed seven in 10 dream of permanently ditching their shirt and tie and wearing casual attire from now on at work. Almost two thirds even […]

    Managers must put on their own mental wellbeing ‘oxygen mask’ so they can support staff

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    Being top of the tree doesn’t protect people from mental wellbeing issues. In fact it’s the opposite. The mental wellbeing of business owners and managers can often take a back seat as they deal with the responsibilities of managing staff and the business. And this can be magnified for SMEs, where they don’t have the […]

    Death of the workplace friendship – how remote working is eroding meaningful connections with colleagues

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    Friendships at work have long been a debated topic pre-COVID: arguments either side claim these to be both conducive or a hindrance to productivity and creativity. But, according to new research by employee experience platform Perkbox, 45% of 1,296 respondents say that maintaining emotional wellbeing still remains one of the biggest remote working challenges facing […]

    Mental health ‘perfect storm’ will affect millions this Winter

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    The UK is possibly facing its biggest ever mental health crisis since the WWII this winter as a combination of many factors will contribute to the low mood and poor mental health of millions of employees working from home. According to the ONS (Office for National Statistics) 69% of adults in the UK are saying […]


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    TripAdvisor’s ‘Travellers’ Choice 2020’, Escape Hunt has unlocked more corporate event offerings, launching virtual team building experiences for businesses working remotely. With office culture looking more than a little different these days and gatherings restricted to six, teams working remotely need fun, positive interruptions to stay connected, motivated and engaged either from their home office […]