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    84% think covid-19 has affected employee retirement plans

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    A recent poll conducted by WEALTH at work found that 84% of respondents think employees have changed their retirement plans in light of the pandemic. Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director, WEALTH at work, said: “The pandemic has affected nearly all of us and not least those employees who are approaching retirement. It therefore comes as no surprise that […]

    Thinking about retirement? Make sure you have the facts!

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    According to a new survey the majority of workers in the UK aren’t aware of how much money they need to be able to retire comfortably. A survey of more than 1,200 people by chartered financial planners True Bearing revealed that 83% of workers, including full-time, part-time and self-employed, don’t know what size pension pot […]

    When are you retiring? One in twenty Brits say they never will

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    One in twenty British adults claim they will never retire – and of those who do believe retirement is on the cards, one in 10 reckon they’ll be aged 70 or older when the time comes. However, not all employees want to hang up their hat, as 37 per cent say they wouldn’t be able […]

    Will you be working until you’re 68?

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    Brit workers expect to be physically capable of doing their jobs until past their 68th birthday. That’s beyond the age they can start claiming the State Pension, even when it is extended to 67 by 2028. Almost a third (31 per cent) believe they could work into their 70s and beyond with one in 14 confident […]

    We have an equal gender pension age for the first time in 70 years

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    New laws will see men and women receive their pension at the same age, but could this change in the law see women lose out and widen the gender pension gap? From 6 November 2018, for the first time in more than 70 years, men and women will receive their pension from the same age […]

    Retirement unlikely for millennials

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    Gardening and golfing are off the menu for almost a quarter of millennials who are convinced they’ll never be able to retire Some 24 per cent of 18-35 year olds believe they will never be able to afford to retire, according to a new survey. And the same amount are worried that they will have to continue working […]

    Young people are opting out of auto-enrolment

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    A majority of young people between 22 and 29 are expected to continue paying into their pensions after minimum contributions rise in April 2018 and 2019, according to a new report by Scottish Widows. Despite concerns from the younger generation that contributions for pensions are growing too high, pension company Scottish Widows is worried that […]

    £47K shortfall in employer pension contributions for women

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    There is a ‘gap’ between the amount that men and women receive in employer pension contributions, which if left unaddressed could result in a shortfall of £47,000 by the end of a woman’s working life, according to the inaugural Zurich Workplace Savings Barometer. Last year, on average, men under the age of 35 received £217 […]

    Multiple pension funds add up to retirement confusion

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    Nearly one in five employees have built up three or more company pension funds during their career, making it more difficult to keep track of their retirement planning, new research from employee benefits consultancy Portus shows. Its nationwide study shows 17% of employees have built up three or more pension funds as they have moved […]

    Who’s in line for what pension?

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    The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has published new research analysing the incomes different UK generations can expect in retirement. ‘Retirement Income Adequacy: Generation by Generation’ reveals that automatic enrolment will deliver a real improvement in the retirement outcomes of millions of people in the UK, but there is still room for improvement. Of the […]