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      Why every manager needs empathy, optimism and resilience – and how to achieve it

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      What sorts of skills do managers really need? Ensuring that your team is happy is vital to productivity, energy levels and workplace wellbeing. Skills and effective behaviours expert Emma-Sue Prince (pictured) explains… You are probably used to tapping into a variety of skills, techniques and competences to manage people, teams and get the most out […]

      Is social media an effective recruitment tool?

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      According to research by The Open University Business, the total cost of the UK skills shortage is £6.3 billion a year and SMEs, which make up a large portion of businesses in the UK, shoulder the majority of the cost. Around 69 per cent of SMEs think that large employers monopolise the best talent and […]

      Communication really is key in the workplace

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      Communication’ is the most sought after soft skill by employers Communication is the most sought-after soft skill when it comes to employers searching for new staff. New data from job search engine Adzuna has revealed that 10.9 per cent of ads mention the word. That equates to 116,261 mentions across the 1.1million job adverts analysed, closely […]

      Here’s how to become a professional transcriber and work from home

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      According to a 2018 study, remote work will become one of the major business trends in 2019, and it is expected to become the standard mode of working for Generation Z, who are tipped to make up 36 per centof the global workforce by 2020.  Remote working has been a rising trend and demand is felt […]

      Listening Is Sexy: The skill that wins over customers and employees alike

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      Chris Dyer, author of The Power of Company Culture, offers some great advice on how to build stronger relationships in work and at home… Not every skill applies as well to your love life as it does to professional endeavors, but good listening is one of them. When it comes to communication, all relationships are […]

      UK businesses failing on training & development – and admin is one of the worst

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      A quarter (25 per cent) of office workers invest no time in learning new skills or further education to enhance their professional life, according to new research by MPA Group. The study, conducted by the innovation funding specialist, looked into how many UK businesses are offering workers dedicated time to work on upskilling, training and […]

      Think training is over-rated? Over half of staff would leave their jobs if not offered it

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      The importance of providing training to staff has been highlighted in a recent survey. The survey, by business print provider Instantprint, revealed that 56 per cent of workers would leave their current role if their employers stopped providing training, and nearly one-third (31 per cent) have previously left a position because of this issue. It […]

      Not going to uni? How to fast track from the classroom into a well-paid job in London

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      For many people leaving school at 18 means either going to university or learning a trade. For most, the thought of not going to university but instead developing your skills via a business course seems a little too much for those so young. However, for Geri Ivanova that was just what helped her land a great […]

      Learn something new thanks to PA Life’s courses

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      The PA Life website is a useful resource for ideas and inspiration, from publishing the latest news to amplifying the latest job vacancies. But did you know that we also offer some fantastic online courses? Learning a new skill is often time-consuming and difficult to slot in around day to day life. Traditionally you would […]

      These are the skills employers are looking for…

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      Basic numeracy and literacy and IT skills are viewed as more important by employers than technical or sales techniques according to new research by London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More than 500 business leaders across London were asked whether they valued certain skills and the most important was basic numeracy (92 per cent) followed […]