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    Business investment should focus on digital skills

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    Office for National Statistics figures reveal that in 2014, the UK government spent £11 billion on science, engineering and technology, an increase of 0.4% in current prices compared with 2013. This emphasises the importance of digital skills to boost growth in the UK economy. The need to provide high-end technology is not matched with the skills currently […]

    4 soft skills every office worker needs

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    Earlier this month we reported on a survey that reveals the most valued traits in a colleague, and many of them focused on how easy it is to get along with them as a person. A recent article by Forbes outlines four soft skills every office worker needs and why. So if you’ve got all […]

    Businesses need to cater to the rise in internet users

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    Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal that 87.9% of adults had recently (in the last three months) used the internet, compared with 86.2% in 2015. Internet usage is increasing throughout all demographics, with women aged 75 and over up 169% in 2011. This displays that the internet is yet to reach […]

    Speak up at the PA Life Training Day

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    Assistants often know more about the business than the team members of those they support. However, sometimes they don’t recognise or appreciate this or the behavioural skills they have. Nick Fewings from Ngagementworks will be on hand at the next PA Life Training Day to teach attendees how to realise their potential – and speak […]

    Inadequate investment leaves British businesses exposed to digital skills gap

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    British businesses are not doing enough to boost employees’ digital competence, according to new research commissioned by Barclays. While almost half (47%) of all businesses believe better digital skills would lead to a more productive workforce, investment in digital upskilling remains low at only £109 per employee among medium and large businesses. The survey of […]