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Should you confess to your workplace crush?

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As the nation plans to return to the office over the coming weeks, some employees will be coming face-to-face again with their workplace crush. Here SoapHub reveals what you should consider – before telling them how you feel… Read your contract First things first, read your contract.  It is somewhat common practice to initially skim […]

Looking forward to socialising again? This is how long we spend in pubs…

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Drinkers will visit the pub more than six thousand times during their lifetime – enjoying 7,786 pints of lager and 5,579 packets of crisps along the way. The study of 1,000 pub goers found they will hear ‘time’ called on 1,728 occasions and those who generously tend to buy a round will do so almost […]

Are you going out tonight? Or ‘out out’?

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Experts have finally revealed the difference between going ‘out’ – and going ‘out-out’. The long-standing dilemma of how to tell whether you are out for a few drinks or out for the night was famously brought to the fore by comedian Micky Flanagan. Now a team of researchers have settled the dispute by revealing going […]