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How to win the recruitment and retention race

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Covid-19 has changed the world for good, and as the world of work has changed, the expectations and demands of employees have grown. As the world starts to emerge from restrictions and lockdowns, the race to secure resources has begun and, within organisations, human resources and the quality of those human resources are crucial. Therefore, […]

Strengthening organisational effectiveness through diversity, equity and inclusion

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Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace’s genetic make-up leads to innovation, new ideas, and advantages over competitors. Diverse teams can better represent the customers they serve, make decisions with fewer blind spots, and bring more varied thinking to problem solving. Additionally, this is an area where leadership can display the human side of the […]

To re-open or not to re-open the office: That’s the question

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By Ragu Veeraraghavan, VP Workforce Analytics at SplashBI The typical office workforce and environment was very different at the start of this year. Just like retailers, employees were encouraged by the Government to work from home as much as possible. Before the current crisis, 3.4% of the U.S population worked from home and the number […]