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Stationery essentials for every desk – at home or in the office

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By James Morton Having the right stationery can make life much easier and save time. However, many people have been left adrift straddling office and home working. So, what stationery essentials do you need? Stapler and staple remover The type of stapler that works best for you will depend on the work you’re doing – […]

What are you missing about the office?

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More than two thirds of office workers have admitted they’ve missed their workplace during the pandemic – with their desk, gossip and even meetings among the most longed for things. The study of 2,000 office workers found simply speaking to people face-to-face topped the list of the most missed aspects. Having equipment including printers and […]

Are you an office geek?

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If you enjoy putting together a spreadsheet and using three different colour highlighters during your working day, you could earn yourself the title as ‘office geek’. Researchers who polled 2,000 office employees found that half consider themselves to be someone who takes pride in having nice stationery and a tidy desk. The study found 29 […]