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Stationery essentials for every desk – at home or in the office

By James Morton

Having the right stationery can make life much easier and save time. However, many people have been left adrift straddling office and home working. So, what stationery essentials do you need?

Stapler and staple remover

The type of stapler that works best for you will depend on the work you’re doing – remember that you might not need something as heavy duty as you had in the office! Don’t forget to also pick up a staple remover to save you trying to remove staples with scissors!

A variety of clips

Paper clips and fold back clips are ideal for when you need to hold documents together, but don’t want to use staples. These are also easily reusable, helping you save time and reduce waste.


No workspace would be complete without a robust pair of scissors. Scissors can help with a wide range of purposes, from opening packaging to trimming down documents, making them an office essential.

A hole punch

If you work with binders then the hole punch is a key piece of desktop stationery. Different sizes can handle different situations, including punching a different number of holes for different styles of binders.

Post-it-notes, books and pads

While much of our work today is digital – pads, pens and post-it notes are still essential for the modern desktop. Post-it notes are particularly essential for everything from reminders to messages.

Eco-friendly options

If you’re concerned about the environment and making the right choices, consider whether your stationery is recyclable, especially for disposable items. There is a vast range of environmentally friendly products available including post-it notes, books and pads, folders and pens.

MBM Omega carries out green audits to help its customers switch to environmentally-friendly equivalent products. For a free eco audit of your purchases, please contact MBM Omega and quote the reference: GoEco.