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    Is a little bit of stress good for you?

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    We’ve all been told at some point in our lives that a little bit of stress is a good thing. It gives you the motivation to get the job done, or so we think. In reality, stress isn’t the driving force we think it is and the health and social problems linked with stress are […]


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    Long working hours, tiredness and not enjoying exercise are the top reasons for not keeping fit Is your boss making you unfit? If you work in the travel and transport sectors, research says he/she is. But other professions are also risking their health due to work pressures. Research commissioned by Gympass and exploring the UK’s […]

    Poor time management is damaging British business

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    Badly managing time is the biggest growing threat to British business, according to new research. Studies commissioned by online printing company Instantprint have revealed that those that don’t optimise their time find themselves facing a major growth barrier. One in 10 workers find themselves with less than an hour a week dedicated to focussing on […]

    5 ways to rethink the way you work

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    The world of technology is becoming increasingly overwhelming. Sometimes we can’t help but switch off and choose to go for a stroll instead of having a scroll on social media, but when you embrace the ever-evolving world, you’ll find yourself among the leaders of the business world. The team at Market Inspector has created an infographic […]

    Unleash your inner Wonder Woman

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    Mindfulness Expert Dana Zelicha presents five steps to unleashing your inner Wonder Woman and finding the right work-life balance using mindfulness Are you a working woman who feels pressure to find balance? Is fear or uncertainty stopping you from making leaps or moving forward? Society and instinct have made women primary care-takers, however we cannot […]

    Men more likely to experience mental health problems in work than women

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    ‘Macho culture’ in the workplace could be responsible for nearly a third of men suffering from poor mental health, according to new studies. Research by Mind has revealed that men are more than twice as likely to experience mental health in the office than they are socially, and are more than 50% more likely to […]

    People who walk to work are less stressed

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    The daily commute can leave employees tired before they even get to the office, but new research shows those who walk to work feel more energised and less stressed. A study conducted by ASICS shows those who take the train, tube, or bus are three times more stressed and twice as tired as those who […]

    How to survive the job interview

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    Getting through a job interview unscathed is a tricky task, especially when up against a high-profile company or a strict recruiter. While making a lasting and positive first impression can make or break your interview within seconds of arriving, the art of leaving a good impression has been dwindling among new recruits, and we have […]

    ‘Sleep hacks’ to boost productivity

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    Workers are being taught how to make the most out of a night’s sleep after studies have shown that around one in three adults don’t get the recommended amount of rest. Sleep deprivation can affect everything from your concentration and efficiency to weight gain, mental health problems and even issues with your immune system, and […]

    Bosses giving workers second chance at a first impression

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    Workers are taking lessons from world-class acting coaches in how to leave a good first impression as businesses are concerned its becoming a lost art. Enlisting the help of renowned drama school Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), the training sessions are taken in small groups and one-to-ones with performance coaches in order to boost […]