• 5 ways to stay happy at work

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    Does work feel stale lately but you still love what you do? Perhaps you’re ready to move on but want to make the most of your job until you find a new one. Either way, it’s important to take steps to be happy at work. Glassdoor recently outlined five ways to keep a positive attitude, which could have a knock-on effect on productivity and overall wellbeing.

    1 Match your personal values with the company culture
    This applies more to the jobs you’re looking for, but you can make small changes in your current role to help you feel happy at work. Clearly define your own values so you can make sure the company culture is a good fit for you. If flexibility is important to you and the company you work for has a rigid policy that doesn’t allow for flexible arrangements, you probably won’t feel fulfilled there.

    2 Seek clarity
    Try to get a clear definition of your role. Having some clarity on what is expected of you and how your work fits into the overall goal of the company can motivate you to continue to do your best.

    3 Take charge of your development
    No company budget for training? Don’t leave it all up to your employer; accept responsibility for your own development and learn as much as you can off your own back. Improve the skills you already have and work on developing new ones to show you’re ready for the next step on the career ladder.

    4 Don’t shy away from change
    Change is inevitable, so embrace whatever may happen at your company. It shows you’re adaptable, which is a trait many employers look for in new hires, and it can also help you stay happy at work in the face of shifting times.

    5 Stay resilient
    The first step to happiness is to focus on your personal health and wellbeing. Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and find time to relax. Once you have your mind and body in the right place, pressure at work will be like water off a duck’s back and stress won’t have such a drastic effect on you.

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