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How to motivate yourself to get back to work in January

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Going back to work in January is for most people, the least motivated you’ll feel all year, due to the early sunsets and dragging ourselves out of bed after enjoying a week of lie-ins. Vincenzo Ferrara shares some helpful hints below to give you the best advice that should help you feel more awake and motivated […]

Opinion: Time is money – loss assessors and risk management

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Unexpected events can crop up out of the blue at any time, which often can compromise an assistant’s schedule and time management – this is where a loss assessor can help. Alex Balcombe, director at Harris Balcombe, reveals why every PA should have one at the top of their emergency contact list. It’s not unusual […]

How long have you spent ‘killing time’?

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The average Brit spends the equivalent of more than two years ‘killing time’, a study has found. Researchers have found that we waste 42 minutes every day waiting for various things, including friends or a bus. Standing in a queue at the supermarket or sitting in traffic also leave us doing nothing for around five […]