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How to motivate yourself to get back to work in January

How to be motivated in 2019

Going back to work in January is for most people, the least motivated you’ll feel all year, due to the early sunsets and dragging ourselves out of bed after enjoying a week of lie-ins. Vincenzo Ferrara shares some helpful hints below to give you the best advice that should help you feel more awake and motivated when you get to work during this post-festive period.

Give yourself time – Waking up an hour earlier then you would the rest of the week, might sound like the idea of hell, especially on the first day back. However, by waking up earlier and giving yourself time to properly wake, have breakfast and focus on the day ahead, you’ll notice that the day seems to go a lot quicker than usual you’ll also be a lot more productive at work.

An alarm clock on a shelf - representing time

Identify key tasks– You’ll undoubtedly have a mountain of tasks that have piled up while you’ve been away. Instead of trying to tackle a bundle of jobs in one go, which will only leave you stressed and confused, try to prioritise the jobs in order of importance. Making sure the most important gets done first and leaving the less important to be done later.

Celebrate wins– Every day is a fresh start, especially in the New Year. So, remember to celebrate all the little victories in your day. From contributing in a staff meeting to sending an email today instead of delaying it for tomorrow. If you make sure to subtly celebrate each little victory – you’ll feel more rewarded and happier with yourself, increasing your work mentality and boosting your motivation.

hundreds of colourful balloons in the air - to represent a celebration

Take regular breaks– Throwing yourself back into your work may seem like the best way to get it all done. But, did you know that by taking regular short breaks throughout the day, you are much more likely to be productive with the time you spend concentrating on the job? Try it and see if it works for you.

Reflect and recreate – A great way to motivate yourself in January is to reflect on your past success and use this as a foundation to recreate something similar in the New Year. It’s a great way to cheat yourself into getting the creative juices flowing with minimum effort. You’ll find that your ideas come flooding back to you and boost your creativity.

A girl looking out a window over a city to show personal reflection

Be positive– Acceptably, this is easier said than done, nevertheless by staying positive you’ll automatically feel happier. All of the negative energy that comes from having to go back to work makes you feel sluggish and uncooperative – not ideal for any working environment. Simply let it go. None of us want to go back to work after the festive break but by starting your year with the right mental attitude, you’ll notice that you get a lot more done and people react with you in a much better manner.

Jazz up your wardrobe– We all know that after Christmas every shop on the High Street has their end of year sale, making it the perfect time to pick up a bargain and freshen up your wardrobe. Spend some cash and get some new work attire; a new suit, a dress or even some new shoes can give you the confidence boost that means that you work a little harder.

A stylish woman dressed in black and gold poses on some steps to represent high fashion and designer labels

We aren’t suggesting that all of the above will work for every individual, still, give them a try and see if they help you settle into work a little quicker that you normally would after the festive break and make 2019 your year.

If you have any tips or tricks for making the first few days at work more bearable after the festive break email: