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      What is the future of the EA role?

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      On Tuesday evening a group of PAs got together at an event held by Fyxer in central London to discuss a topic that all PAs have worried about recently; what is the future of the EA role, with the advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence? Vincenzo Ferrara reviews what was discussed. The event held by […]

      Podcasting PA Liz Van Vliet on why PAs won’t be replaced by tech

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      Podcasts have risen to fame over the last five years, with more of us than ever downloading and listing to them. With topics that vary from showbiz news to gardening, they can be easy listening or a place to learn new information and skills. After many hours listening to podcasts devoted to helping PAs/EAs develop […]

      Should you be worried about voice assistants?

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      Technology is taking over our lives at an increasingly rapid rate and it’s got a lot of PAs worried that they will be replaced with a phone app. Vincenzo Ferrara thinks that change is in the air, with investment and development in AI (artificial intelligence), it seems likely that in the future a lot of […]

      Top stories of the week

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      As we continue to keep you informed on what’s happening in the events world and keep up to date, don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. PA Life joins forces with Arctic Fox Events, the new venue finding and event management firm With over 20 years’ experience. the company strives to work with clients to […]

      NEWSFLASH: Assistants – we do more than just make tea

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      We love to see articles that have been produced by Assistants for Assistants, so when we came across this article by Sisii de Winter that highlighted the thoughts of so many PAs/EAs and VAs, we knew that we needed to share with you, the PA Life audience.  Having attended the most inspirational and thought-provoking workshop […]

      Top tips for introvert PAs to get noticed in the office

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      Within any office there always seem to be those that progress up the company ladder much quicker than the rest, if you’re introvert and a PA we hope that with our help, you’ll progress up the ladder. Vincenzo Ferrara looks at the top tips for introvert PAs to get noticed in the office. We get […]

      5 minutes with… Katie Mellor, founder, KM Virtual Office

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      Katie Mellor, founder of KM Virtual Office, is a seasoned member of the industry having established her company back in 2014, providing VAs for businesses across the UK. Here, she shares how she built her company from scratch and why she can’t resist a good rom-com novel. Can you tell me about your business and […]

      How to become a virtual assistant

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      Charlotte Wibberley, founder of VIP VA, shares her top tips on how individuals can succeed in becoming their own boss as a VA. Did you know that one of the top search terms related to VAs is ‘how to become a virtual assistant’? This makes sense – if you’ve got a few spare hours every […]

      Are you ready to become a virtual assistant?

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      The working world is changing. More and more across the country are looking for the opportunity to work from home, at the hours of their choice and with a better sense of control than previous generations. Flexibility is key, and the ever-connected digital age has made employment more accessible than ever before, with many making […]

      How to become a successful VA: live from the PA Life Training Day

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      With the PA Life Training Day confidently running into the afternoon after a delicious lunch provided by the team at London’s InterContinental O2, our seminars have continued to innovate and educate the nearly 150 PAs as we overlook Canary Wharf. Talking this morning was Charlotte Wibberley, CEO of VIP VA, who was giving her secret […]