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PA LIFE WEBINAR: How to take the positives from Covid-19 – join us!

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Join us on Wednesday April 13th at 11am when Aimee Browne – aka The Mindful Assistant – will be hosting an exclusive wellness and wellbeing webinar for PA Life. Entitled How To Take The Positives From Covid-19, the session will include: – Inner learnings from taking your foot off the gas– Reassessing what you want from […]

WATCH: The secrets of Self Celebration revealed on the PA Life Wellbeing Webinar with AMEX GBT

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As a PA or EA, it can be easy to forget about your own personal development and career aspirations when the very nature of the role is looking after someone else. An endless ‘to do’ list, busy schedules and long working hours can lead to stress, anxiety and ultimately burnout through sheer mental and physical […]

Sign up for next week’s PA Life Wellbeing Webinar – sponsored by AMEX GBT

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Learn how to reach peace of mind in today’s fast paced world – Handy Tips for EAs from Sarah & Lorna in the PA Life Wellbeing Webinar, sponsored by AMEX GBT. Ahead of their panel chat at the PA Life show this year, meet personal development leader and mindset coach, Lorna Dunning and the founder […]