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      WATCH: The secrets of Self Celebration revealed on the PA Life Wellbeing Webinar with AMEX GBT

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      As a PA or EA, it can be easy to forget about your own personal development and career aspirations when the very nature of the role is looking after someone else.

      An endless ‘to do’ list, busy schedules and long working hours can lead to stress, anxiety and ultimately burnout through sheer mental and physical exhaustion.

      The recent PA Life Wellbeing Webinar sponsored by American Express Global Business Travel addressed this very problem and offered insightful tips and advice on how to deal with this subject and continue with your own personal development.

      Watch the entire Webinar here:


      Be The Change! How To Reach Peace Of Mind In Today’s Fast Paced World,’ gave webinar participants the opportunity to listen to an informal chat between personal development leader and mindset coach, Lorna Dunning, and the founder of Celebrate Yourself, Sarah Powell, as they asked each other about the experiences which had resulted in them both being the people they are today. 

      During the session, a number of key disciplines were discussed to immediately help PAs and EAs in their own day-to-day roles. 

      These included Self Celebration, an acceptance of who you are right now and the ability to learn what works for you, along with correcting your own self-image; what holds you back? And what can be done to help move you forward?

      “Everything that has ever been created has been created twice,” explained Dunning. “First in someone’s imagination, then secondly in the real world. So, the future you has to start in your own imagination. 

      “The trick is how do we create the powerful vision of who you want to be, with such detail and intensity?”

      Powell added: “Why couldn’t I start a business, or have an idea and launch it? I had all of those fears – the ‘imposter’ syndrome – which I feel we can all suffer from at some point, feelings of insecurity or that we’re not good enough. I started to champion myself.”

      During the webinar useful tips and insights were discussed and provided, such as focussing on what you have achieved, not what you haven’t, and taking a moment to appreciate the positive impact that you have within your own space.

      Lorna and Sarah will both be at the PA Show, 25th February, ExCel Centre and presenting at the PA Life seminar, which takes place 1:45-2:45pm.

      What would you like to hear more about?

      Questions on any of the above are invited and will be discussed during the live show. They can be sent to with a deadline of Wednesday, 12th February.

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