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Tech is helping businesses and staff find success and productivity

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UK businesses are finding success in home working thanks to technology-enabled solutions, according to a new study commissioned by Technology Connected. The organisation, which represents the Welsh technology industry, commissioned an omnibus survey among decision makers in a variety of businesses across the UK, who were able to support large scale remote working, to see […]

How to future-proof customer experience for 2019

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If you want your business to rise above the rest in 2019, you need to provide the best possible customer service. In this article, we look at five ways you can take advantage of technology and innovation to boost your customer service. A study conducted this year by Accenture found that two-thirds of large companies […]

Cyber-bullying on the rise in the workplace

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Recent figures show that one in five of us is a victim bullying at work, and one in six have been a victim or have been disciplined due to bullying colleagues on apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But what can employers do to tackle the problem? British workplaces are being negatively impacted by […]

Would you reveal your WhatsApp messages to your boss?

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Having control of your privacy has never been more important to Brits, especially since the implementation of the new GDPR law and scandals such as Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. In fact, it’s so important to some employees that 43 per cent would request a payrise in order to show their boss their WhatsApp messages. In […]