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      Good work-life balance? Not until you’re 45

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      More than three in five UK adults (61%) favour a balanced work/life ratio over a high salary. That’s according to research from Hitachi Personal Finance, which also revealed it is those aged 45 and upwards that are most likely to seek out a better work life balance. In addition, 82% of workers aged over 45 said […]

      These are the best cities for work-life balance

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      Helsinki, Munich, and Oslo have topped an index as the cities promoting the most holistic work-life balance, compared to the most overworked cities of Tokyo, Singapore and Washington D.C. The study, by mobile access technology firm Kisi, says that on average, employees in Barcelona (30.5 days) and Paris (30 days) take advantage of the most […]

      British parents working too late to see kids before bedtime

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      Almost a third of British parents work too late to tuck their kids in to bed at least three nights a week, according to research. A poll of 1,000 working mums and dads found more than seven in 10 rely on partners or grandparents to read their kids a story each night. And one fifth […]

      The secret to feeling young? Yoga, love and red wine!

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      An active love life, drinking red wine and doing yoga are among the top 40 things which keep you young, according to research. The poll of 1,500 people also revealed that singing along to music, spending time with people younger than yourself and doing puzzles also featured. And when it comes to how you feel […]