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    The secret to feeling young? Yoga, love and red wine!

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    An active love life, drinking red wine and doing yoga are among the top 40 things which keep you young, according to research.

    The poll of 1,500 people also revealed that singing along to music, spending time with people younger than yourself and doing puzzles also featured.

    And when it comes to how you feel on the inside, the outside does matter, with wearing whatever clothes you like, treating yourself to a nice haircut and remaining physically active also appearing on the list of ways to help keep you feeling spritely.

    The research found that, on average, respondents feel around nine years younger than they actually are. Three quarters put this down to keeping a positive mental attitude, while just under half thank a healthy lifestyle.


    1. Walking
    2. Thinking positively
    3. Staying positive
    4. Getting enough sleep
    5. Getting your five-a-day
    6. Spending time with family
    7. Keeping up a hobby
    8. Drinking lots of water
    9. Going on holiday
    10. Spending time with friends
    11. Dancing
    12. Trying new things regularly
    13. Doing puzzles
    14. Smiling lots
    15. Active love life
    16. Reading books
    17. Spending time with people younger than yourself
    18. Having a pet
    19. Singing to music
    20. Listening to music
    21. Having time to yourself
    22. Swimming
    23. Wearing whatever clothes you like
    24. Cycling
    25. Taking up new hobbies
    26. Doing yoga
    27. Running
    28. Using suncream
    29. Eating super fruits
    30. Treating yourself to nice haircuts
    31. Drinking red wine
    32. Kissing
    33. Colouring your hair
    34. Taking naps
    35. Drinking green tea
    36. Using anti-ageing creams
    37. Going to gigs or live events
    38. Meditating
    39. Getting massages
    40. Keeping up with fashion trends

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