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      Increase in ‘gagging orders’ for pregnancy related discrimination cases

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      Despite parents being protected from unfair treatment during pregnancy and maternity or paternity leave by The Equality Act 2010, many employers may be flouting the law.  According to research from Direct Line Life Insurance, in the last 12 months more than two thirds (71 per cent) of employment law professionals reported an increase in disputes where […]

      Workplace discrimination effects one in four employees in the UK

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      Workplace discrimination has unfortunately been a thing since time began, but with more people than ever speaking out about how they have been discriminated against at work, why are the numbers still so high? Nearly one in four UK employees (23%) have said they have experienced an incident in the past 12 months where they […]

      Is age discrimination a problem in the workplace?

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      With most of us now having to work much later in life, offices are filled with a greater range of employee ages. But, do the experienced get discriminated against by those younger in age? Significant numbers of older employees feel they are being discriminated against at work because of their age, including believing they have […]

      Lack of deaf awareness at work is holding millions back

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      A lack of deaf awareness among employers and society at large is holding people with hearing loss back by creating unnecessary barriers and is costing the UK economy £24.8 billion. During Deaf Awareness Week (15-21 May) the UK national charity Action on Hearing Loss highlights simple and cost-effective ways of making the work environment more […]

      Bosses don’t know what to do about belief at work

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      A new ComRes report about workplace diversity and inclusion suggests that British employers struggle to manage expressions of religion and belief in the workplace, and up to a million people in Britain may have experienced workplace harassment, discrimination or bullying because of their religion or belief. The Belief at Work study into faith in the […]

      Millions of over-50s have experienced age discrimination at work

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      New research by insurance expert SunLife shows millions of over-50s experience age discrimination in a number of places, including shops, their local GP’s office and even work. Nearly four in 10 survey respondents said they’d experienced age discrimination since turning 50. Shockingly, 62% said they believe they’ve lost a job due to their age, while […]

      Research highlights public attitude toward employing people with a learning disability

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      New research released today by charity Mencap to coincide with the launch of Learning Disability Work Experience Week reveals that 52% of the public say they would prefer to work for a company that employs people with a learning disability. This may be an indication of the direct affect the public’s attitude has on learning […]

      Discrimination still prevalent in recruitment

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      The latest data from the CIPD suggests that discrimination in recruitment remains a big barrier to diversity and inclusion, but most is done unconsciously, according to diversity consultancy The Clear Company. Analysing the results of the Attitudes to employability and talent report, the firm identified a staggering disparity between perceptions of what makes a person employable in […]

      Tattoos should not be a barrier to employment, says The Clear Company

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      HR Diversity Consultancy The Clear Company has responded to research commissioned by Acas from academics at King’s College, London, which suggests that tattoos are still considered unacceptable in many workplaces. The consultancy works with large multi-nationals to help them to become more inclusive in their hiring decisions. As Director Kate Headley points out, bias around body art and […]

      How to handle a serious illness at work

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      Dealing with the doctor’s appointments and medical tests involved with a serious illness is difficult on its own before you even have to think about work. Here are some great tips to help you handle the implications your health could have on your performance at the office. Be honest – If you’re afraid that your […]