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Men and women see the workplace differently

The gender pay gap is widening at management levels

US-based corporate training start-up Bridge recently surveyed 1,000 office workers to find out how gender affects the way we see common workplace issues such as equal pay, sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The results are pretty revealing.

When it comes to equal pay, men seem to be wearing rose tinted glasses, with 58% of those polled saying they think women get paid the same as men for equal work. However, only 42% of women feel the same. 32% of males think they get paid more for a similar job, compared to 68% of females.

A whopping 66% of women think their gender has a harder time getting promotions and filling leadership roles because of discrimination, while 34% of men think women are denied these opportunities based on their gender.

When it comes to other forms of discrimination, women are more likely to notice a lack of sensitivity towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people (62%) than men (38%).

On the subject of sexual harassment, only 38% of men think it’s a problem in today’s workplace versus 62% of women. While they both agree that improvements are being made and believe the issue will be virtually eliminated by 2020, there’s still a long way to go today, with 29% of women and 13% of men polled saying they’ve experienced an incident.

By far the biggest discrepancy between views was revealed on the topic of parenting. Only a quarter of men believe there’s a lack of sensitivity in the workplace for those with children, while an astounding 76% of women feel the same.

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