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    Half of UK workers would leave their job because of a terrible office

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    Almost half of employees in the UK would be willing to leave their job because of an unappealing office. That’s according to a survey of almost 1,000 office workers to find out UK employees’ opinion on their current and preferred workspaces. The research, carried out by property specialist Matthews & Goodman, revealed that 44% of […]

    2020 workplace predictions

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    By Nicole Alvino, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Office, SocialChorus The battle against “fake news” in the workplace will come to a head In 2019, we saw the proliferation of “fake news” spill out of the political sphere and make its way into organisations. Companies are now battling new frontiers we’ve never seen before – from the […]

    The dire state of work toilets exposed

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    Almost 40% of UK businesses do not provide employees with an adequate staff room for work breaks, while 8% of companies are breaking the law by not having toilet facilities. In a survey of more than 1,000 workers conducted by on-site accommodation provider Bunkabin, businesses have been found in breach of the Workplace (Health, Safety […]

    What is the new standard in workplace features?

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    As our experience of brands and services we consume changes, so do our expectations of the places we work. We take a look at how you can make your office a much more inviting employee experience. The increased demand for experiential workplaces has seen a rapid growth of features like ‘co-working spaces’ over the last […]

    Would you consider a hug as workplace harassment?

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    More than 300 Ted Baker employees have signed a petition to stop the company’s ‘forced hugging’ policy. In light of this news, do you understand what is acceptable at work and what could be considered harassment behaviour? The idea that a hug could be considered harassment may seem silly for some but it’s no laughing […]

    2018 Top reasons for work-related stress last year and how to deal with them in 2019

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    The start of the New Year means that you’ve hopefully forgotten the troubles of the past and can concentrate on a fresh new you. But with almost 600,000 workers who suffered stress-related illnesses in 2018, how can we make sure that you feel better over the next 12 months? Recent figures from Health and Safety […]

    Is it time for creative thinking to shine?

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    Creative thinking is often set aside in the corporate workplace for a more traditional view of business. The run-of-the-mill office works great for those that still enjoy doing business the old-fashioned way. However, learning to embrace your inner creativity can benefit your business in more ways than one. Today’s executives are given increasing latitude to […]

    Cyber-bullying on the rise in the workplace

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    Recent figures show that one in five of us is a victim bullying at work, and one in six have been a victim or have been disciplined due to bullying colleagues on apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But what can employers do to tackle the problem? British workplaces are being negatively impacted by […]

    Don’t let workplace bullies control your life

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    It really can be a difficult problem for HR to separate what one person considers banter and another sees as bullying. In the modern workplace, the lines aren’t as black and white as they once were. With many people seeing the problem layered in context rather than being nasty on purpose. However, bullying can ruin […]

    We spend too much time working at the weekend

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    Do we spend too much time working at the weekend? According to recent research we do and it’s a bad habit us Brits need to stop. We all wish we had more time on our hands but using our own time to complete our work could be damaging, rather than helpful. Busy Brits spend up […]