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Friday, October 9, 2015

At your beck and call

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Every day, a busy PA could be juggling jobs regarding travel, dining, home, motor and retail – as well as the weird and the wonderful. Gemma McIntosh explains how to deal with a varied workload and tackle challenging requests What are the most challenging types of request to deal with as a concierge?The research jobs […]

Nine ways to get fit at work

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American insurance company Independence Blue Cross recently gave the Philly Voice its top tips for staying fit if you’re stuck inside at a desk during the workweek. Walk or bike to workIf you’re lucky enough to live slightly closer to work, try switching your car or train journey for a brisk walk or bike ride […]

Brits guilty of last-minute weekend plans

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With the weekend inching ever closer, some of us already have plans for our days off, while others have yet to confirm anything for fear of missing out on a better offer. Technology is fuelling a new wave of spontaneity in Britain, new national research has revealed. But it is also creating a generation that […]

5 ways to manage workplace politics

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There will always be office politics. So for those workplace situations that aren’t quite so much fun, here are some ways to manage the negative side of politics in the workplace, courtesy of… 1. ACCEPT WORKPLACE POLITICS FOR WHAT THEY ARE Workplace politics are strategies used by workers to gain advantages for themselves or […]

Increase in workplace mental health problems

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Employers can no longer afford to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to tackling the causes of stress and poor mental health for their employees Over two-fifths (41%) of organisations have seen an increase in reported mental health problems (such as anxiety and depression) over the last twelve months, according to the […]