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Nine ways to get fit at work

American insurance company Independence Blue Cross recently gave the Philly Voice its top tips for staying fit if you’re stuck inside at a desk during the workweek.

Walk or bike to work
If you’re lucky enough to live slightly closer to work, try switching your car or train journey for a brisk walk or bike ride into the office. If you live too far away, try parking on the other side of town or stop at station that’s farther away to give you a chance at a walk before and after work.

Try walking meetings
Have a meeting scheduled with a few colleagues for a catch-up on a special project? Rather than sitting in the board room, go for a walk around the office as a group while you chat, or go outside for a wander – weather permitting, of course.

Take the stairs
Don’t be tempted by the lift. Walk up the stairs instead to work your leg muscles and get your heart pumping.

Get a standing desk
There are loads of variable-height desks on the market now. Ask if you can be provided with one that allows you to stand while you’re working. This is great for your posture and gets the blood flowing in your legs.

Ditch the traditional chair
If your office is more informal, opt for a stability ball rather than a chair. It can help build your core strength and keeps you from sitting still too long.

Work out at your desk
Even a simple office chair can be turned into a gym with leg lifts and side-to-side workouts that help your abs.

Find an excuse to get up
Make up reasons to get away from your desk. Rather than sending an email or calling a colleague, walk to their desk. Try not to keep things like waste paper baskets too close so you’ll be forced to get up to throw something away.

Avoid snacks
It can be difficult when boredom strikes, but do your best to stay away from sugary and calorie-laden treats. Bring your own healthy snacks, such as nuts, cereal bars, fruit and vegetables, instead.

Lunch smarter
Going out for lunch doesn’t always have to be unhealthy. Look for salads, soups and wraps. Better yet, bring your own lunch; it’ll be healthier and can save you money.

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