Brits guilty of last-minute weekend plans

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With the weekend inching ever closer, some of us already have plans for our days off, while others have yet to confirm anything for fear of missing out on a better offer. Technology is fuelling a new wave of spontaneity in Britain, new national research has revealed.

But it is also creating a generation that feels uneasy committing to plans in advance, according to a nationwide study by leading hotel booking site

While 30% of Brits still make weekend plans a week or more ahead of time, more than 40% of adults now confess that they don’t feel comfortable making definite weekend plans any further than 48 hours in advance.

Indeed, more than 10% absolutely refuse to make firm weekend plans before Friday, for fear of missing out on a spur-of-the-moment opportunity – or a better offer.

The ubiquity of Facebook and other social media has seen the rise of a phenomenon experts have dubbed the ‘Maybe Generation’ because Facebook invitations give users three distinct options: ‘Can’t Go’, ‘Going’ and ‘Maybe’.

The ‘Maybe Generation’ trend is being amplified by the social behavior of young adults, according to the research – 54% of 18-24 year olds wouldn’t RSVP with a definitive answer to an invite until the latest possible moment.


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