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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Inkerman celebrates 20 years in business

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Inkerman started life in a flat on Inkerman Terrace in Kensington with a laptop and a phone. Now in its 20th year, the company has grown considerably, with a healthy turnover delivering luxury gifts, trophies and awards worldwide. Founded in 1996 by Louise Eadie and Kiki Grigson (both ex-Tiffany & Co). Both held a wealth […]

Hedsor House to host EA & PA Showcase

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On Tuesday, 15 March from 5pm-9pm, country venue Hedsor House will host an Executive and Personal Assistant Showcase to talk about the latest trends in business technology. The evening will help PAs and EAs stay abreast of key technology trends, as well as give them tips and tools they can use every day to ensure […]

Most people believe men and women are paid equally

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New research by job listing site Glassdoor shows that most people believe men and women are paid equally despite several reports pointing to a huge gender pay gap. Seven in 10 employed adults in seven countries believe men and women are paid equally by their employer. However, more men believe this than women, with only […]

All work and no play?

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All work and no play? An AVirtual survey shows that’s rarely the case for the full-time employed. 57% of business owners believe that outsourcing work to virtual employees is more productive than having full-time in-house staff 1.6 business hours wasted every day by the average employee Sneaky cigarettes and social media are the biggest work-time […]

Would you rather clean the house than ask for a pay rise?

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If the thought of asking for a pay rise creates a sense of dread so bad you’d rather scrub the floors or spend quality time at the dentist’s surgery, you’re not alone. While 65% of employees surveyed by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half have more confidence in their job prospects compared to a year ago, […]

Boost productivity with a clean office

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Most people take great pride in keeping their house clean and tidy, but that doesn’t always carry through to the office. Yet the average adult spends more time awake at work than at home. System Hygiene says a clean office can help boost productivity in four important ways. Reducing sickness The average employee loses around […]