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Boost productivity with a clean office

A clean office is a happy one

Most people take great pride in keeping their house clean and tidy, but that doesn’t always carry through to the office. Yet the average adult spends more time awake at work than at home. System Hygiene says a clean office can help boost productivity in four important ways.

Reducing sickness
The average employee loses around nine days of work due to sickness. When you factor in that most keyboards harbour up to 7,500 bacteria, it’s clear to see why so many people fall ill. By keeping workstations disinfected, you can stop the spread of bacteria.

Over-spilling bins and piles of paper or boxes on the floor also increase the risk of accidents and injuries, so keep floor spaces clear of tripping hazards.

Boost motivation
When you spend so much time at work, a messy office can be a real mood killer. Cluttered, dirty spaces make for poor morale and decreased focus. Disorganised desks cost time and money and can even result in mistakes being made. Encourage your colleagues to keep their stations tidy so everybody can benefit from the good feeling a clean office promotes.

Company culture
Your company’s image is one of the most important things clients and potential customers look at. Perception starts with appearance and even if clients never see your office, a clean one can help employees project professionalism.

Reducing stress
Clutter and disorder creates a stressful situation in which tension is on high and colleagues can’t concentrate. If the same few people are the ones tidying up after others, it can lead to major arguments among staff. By setting out standards for a clean office, all employees will feel motivated to chip in, which will in turn create a healthy and happy environment.

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