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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tips for dealing with workplace ambiguity

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Ambiguity is difficult to deal with anyway without encountering it at work. It can make you feel unsure about your position within the company. Whether your exec hasn’t been clear about his expectations or your firm’s mission hasn’t been defined well, there are ways you can deal with workplace ambiguity. Take control – It’s not […]

IAM hosts networking event at The Hippodrome Casino

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The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) hosted its first networking event of 2016 this week at London’s Hippodrome Casino, with Lindsay Taylor of Your Excellency as a guest speaker. Existing IAM members and guests gathered in the venue’s Heliot Lounge, where the Hippodrome kindly provided wine and drinks for pre-event networking. IAM General Manager Jane […]

Today is Employee Motivation Day!

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Happy workers are productive workers. A vital element of a well-performing workplace is a positive atmosphere. Staff who feel valued, give more – simples! Ensuring a motivated and positive environment is challenging because the modern office is made up of a diverse array of personality types, a rich mixture of cultures and genders, complicated by hierarchies, work politics and rules. It comes […]