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Tips for dealing with workplace ambiguity

A business woman dealing with workplace ambguity

Ambiguity is difficult to deal with anyway without encountering it at work. It can make you feel unsure about your position within the company. Whether your exec hasn’t been clear about his expectations or your firm’s mission hasn’t been defined well, there are ways you can deal with workplace ambiguity.

Take control – It’s not your employer’s responsibility to clear up confusion – it’s yours. If you encounter ambiguity, bring it up with your boss. It’s a great way to take control of your career.

Ask questions – Don’t be afraid to follow up with questions if you need something clarified. Some colleagues won’t think to supply certain information without being asked, so it’s up to you to get what you need from them.

Manage up – You might have to deal with several managers and executives on a daily basis; learn to work with each of them individually so you know how best to get the information you need from them.

Make yourself a priority – It’s important to realise that while it may be stressful, workplace ambiguity is part and parcel of the modern organisation, but that’s no excuse. Recognise your stress triggers and do what you can to rein in the situation before it gets too difficult.

Improve your skills – Building your skillset is the best way to improve your situation. Learn as much as you can and put it into practice to maintain your boss’s trust.

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