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Friday, May 27, 2016

Bristol EA releases how-to book for the PA community

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How to be a PA is a new book for PAs, EAs and Admins now available on Amazon. Written and published by UK Executive Assistant Maria Fuller, How to be a PA is the new ‘go-to guide’ for PAs and tipped to become the market-leading reference book for career-focused assistants. How to be a PA […]

How to deal with frustration at work

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Most people will face situations that they wish their employer had handled differently. However, there are constructive ways to deal with frustration at work, according to Jan Bruce, Co-Founder and CEO of meQuilibrium. Writing for Motto, Jan outlined these three top tips. 1 Separate your thoughts and emotions Try to keep your emotions in check […]

Something for the boss: how to keep a virtual team cohesive

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Virtual teams are becoming the norm for many businesses. Technology has come a long way to promoting remote working, with some managers looking after people from all over the world. If you or your boss is in charge of a virtual team, here are some top tips for keeping it cohesive. Cultural identity With employees […]

9 etiquette rules for an open-plan office

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Many businesses made the move to an open-plan office in recent years because they thought it would boost collaboration and help productivity. However, some employees find the arrangement frustrating, especially if they work better in silence while their colleagues prefer to have the radio on in the background. Writing for Entrepreneur, business etiquette expert Jacqueline […]

Tips for surviving office air conditioning

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A famous line from Game of Thrones goes “Winter is coming”, but some office workers are more worried about the onset of summer. Hot weather outside means arctic temperatures inside thanks to the UK’s dependency on office air conditioning once the mercury passes 18 degrees. With rumours circulating that this could be the hottest summer […]