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How to deal with frustration at work

Brits are stressed for 5 and a half years of their lives

Most people will face situations that they wish their employer had handled differently. However, there are constructive ways to deal with frustration at work, according to Jan Bruce, Co-Founder and CEO of meQuilibrium.

Writing for Motto, Jan outlined these three top tips.

1 Separate your thoughts and emotions
Try to keep your emotions in check to avoid reacting too harshly to frustration at work. Take a step back and think about how you’re going to handle the situation rationally. A good PA is able to remain calm under pressure and doing so puts you in everyone’s mind as level-headed.

2 Don’t overthink it
You can easily make a situation seem worse than it actually is by falling into what’s called a “thinking trap”, whereby your brain jumps to a conclusion before considering all options. There’s ‘personalising’ (“It’s my fault”), pessimism (“This won’t work”) and externalising (“It’s their fault”). All three can get you into trouble, so when you feel yourself spiralling into negative thoughts take a step back and rethink your response.

3 Create a culture of respect
The best way to keep yourself and your colleagues positive in the face of frustration at work is to uphold your company values. Support your peers and create a sense of purpose. If you set the precedent, everybody else will follow suit.

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