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Tips for surviving office air conditioning

How to survive the office air conditioning

A famous line from Game of Thrones goes “Winter is coming”, but some office workers are more worried about the onset of summer. Hot weather outside means arctic temperatures inside thanks to the UK’s dependency on office air conditioning once the mercury passes 18 degrees. With rumours circulating that this could be the hottest summer in a decade, here are our tips for surviving in a cold office.

Keep a jumper handy
If you’ve got space at your desk, keep a cardigan or jumper on hand in case the air con is too much for you. I have a habit of forgetting to bring one every morning, so I leave a light cardigan draped on the back of my chair.

Tea anybody?
Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the hot drinks should stop flowing. Nothing warms you up like a nice cup of tea or coffee. For a summer twist, try fruit or floral tea instead of traditional brews.

Go versatile with your wardrobe
Let’s face it – English weather is notoriously difficult to predict. Just as you try to be prepared for rain even though the sun is shining in the morning, choose outfits that suit warm and cold temperatures, such as a light long-sleeve top. It’s harder for men to change up their wardrobe to match the seasons, but try to pick out suits made of lighter, breathable fabric.

Don’t be afraid to speak up
If all else fails and bundling up doesn’t help you stay warm, it’s time to speak up and ask to turn the temperature up. Some offices are controlled by a central computer so you may have to track down the right person to talk to, but don’t let that put you off. You have to be comfortable in your office.