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Thursday, December 15, 2016

3 hobbies that can help you work smarter

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While your time out of the office is sacred and you should definitely embrace the freedom, a San Francisco State University study shows hobbies can increase your work productivity by up to 30%. Tech and lifestyle news site The Next Web (TNW) has outlined the three best hobbies for improving your performance at work. Playing […]

Go paperless to start a profitable 2017

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All businesses are looking increase profit margins. But in such a competitive business world, that can be easier said than done. All too often businesses focus on increasing sales in order to grow profits but Pearl Scan, one of the country’s pioneers of the paperless and paper light movement, has urged businesses to look inside […]

Five steps to a tidier desk – and maybe a promotion too

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New research from ICT services provider Brother UK shows that one in 10 bosses would overlook a junior colleague for promotion simply because they have a messy desk. And it’s not just bosses that judge us for having cluttered workspaces – 40% see untidy colleagues as disorganised, while 15% assume that this means we don’t […]

Rules for buying a Christmas present for your boss

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It’s the season for giving, and although according to business etiquette it’s not required for employees to buy their boss a Christmas present, sometimes a little gift can go a long way. But what are the guidelines if you’re in the spirit of giving? With a claim to fame for liaising many a Secret Santa […]