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Rules for buying a Christmas present for your boss

Rules for buying your boss a Christmas present

It’s the season for giving, and although according to business etiquette it’s not required for employees to buy their boss a Christmas present, sometimes a little gift can go a long way. But what are the guidelines if you’re in the spirit of giving? With a claim to fame for liaising many a Secret Santa exchange and witness to the triumphs and perils of office gifting, Kimberleigh Lloyd, expert in events from Late Night London is about to become your new Christmas etiquette guru. Here are her five invaluable tips on selecting the perfect present for your boss.

  1. Get your colleagues involved
    If you work for a small team or company, a good game plan is to rally your colleagues for a collective present. Maybe your boss has been talking about tickets to the latest show coming to London’s theatre district. Or perhaps they’ve always indicated their love of visiting the vineyards – a year’s subscription to a wine club or even a gin club is the answer.
  1. Stick to a budget
    Decide as a group the appropriate amount to spend. Keep in mind that everyone might have differing salaries and responsibilities outside of work. It’s good to keep your individual spend low and expect each person to chip in the same amount. Etiquette suggests around £5 to £10 per person, depending on the size of your group.
  1. If you must purchase the gift yourself, be discreet
    No over-the-top antics to showcase the fact that you got something special for your boss. The office Christmas party is not the time or place for gift giving. Formulate a plan to give them their gift in private first thing when you’re in the office or discreetly at the end of the working day.
  1. Keep it simple and professional
    It’s recommended to purchase a Christmas present that isn’t too personal. Keep it professional. Does your boss love unique stationary? Maybe some desktop accessories will do the trick, such as a personalised fountain pen. If your exec travels often, you may consider handy travel items; we’ve all been there one too many times where we’ve forgotten a phone charger or travel adapter.
  1. Read up on the company policy
    Believe it or not, some offices strictly forbid any type of gift giving. Be sure to study up on your company’s policy of whether you’re allowed to receive gifts before making any purchases.

Final tip: Stick to this savvy mantra – a good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that touches the skin, i.e. perfume, cosmetics, jewellery and clothes.

Happy gifting!

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