3 hobbies that can help you work smarter

Hobbies can improve your work performance

While your time out of the office is sacred and you should definitely embrace the freedom, a San Francisco State University study shows hobbies can increase your work productivity by up to 30%. Tech and lifestyle news site The Next Web (TNW) has outlined the three best hobbies for improving your performance at work.

Playing an instrument
Numerous studies have linked the ability to play an instrument with an increase in IQ and cognitive abilities. TNW’s Irma Hunkeler points out the Mozart Effect, which shows music can improve your memory and help you learn new skills faster, among other productivity benefits.

Strategy games
Of all the hobbies to have, chess doesn’t sound the most thrilling to some. But the thought processes involved in playing a strategic game are proven to boost your problem-solving skills and concentration. It doesn’t have to be chess – card games such as poker have the same effect and can even improve your maths. Still not your thing? Video games benefit your ability to multi-task and can event prevent mental decline associated with age.

All the wonderful physical benefits of maintaining a workout routine go a long way to improving your mental agility too. Regular exercise releases chemicals that nourish your brain, and recent research shows it can also prevent neurogenesis, which means you produce fewer brain cells the older you get.

Hobbies also provide a great escape from work, so by all means get out there and find your favourite pastime.

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