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    From venue to vaccination hub

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    Recently the news has been filled with venues offering their facilities to the NHS. In England, COVID-19 vaccines are being delivered from 206 hospital hubs, 1,200 local vaccination service sites and 50 vaccination centres located in large-scale venues, such as football stadiums. Here are just some of the venues who have opened their doors: Hampshire Court […]

    Q&A with Romy Ashmore, Multi-Tasker of the Year 2020

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    At the PA Life Star Awards, Romy Ashmore was awarded Multi-Tasker of the Year 2020. Romy is an Executive Assistant at RM Results and in March 2019 was offered the opportunity to undertake training to become a mental health and well-being champion. PA Life spoke with Romy to find out more about her experience and how she felt […]

    VIDEO: A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body

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    What internal scripts do you have running through your mind on any given day? Are they positive or negative? Transformational coach and healer Amy Gallagher explains why a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body and gives you tips on how to create a more empowering mindset. To book a session with Amy please […]

    Q&A with Jade Fearon, Rising Star 2020

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    At the PA Life Star Awards, Jade Fearon was awarded Rising Star 2020. Jade is a Personal Assistant at DWF and adapted well into working from home. During lockdown she seamlessly transitioned into working for a new team, and remained a positive voice for other support staff during a very uncertain period. PA Life spoke […]

    Q&A with Kirsi Swinton, PA of the Year 2020

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    At the PA Life Star Awards, Kirsi Swinton was awarded PA of the Year 2020. Kirsi is an Executive Assistant and Assistants Network Lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In 2020 Kirsi published her first article Who Decides the Value of an Assistant, followed shortly by a second article ‘The Problem with Politeness: Why straight-talking as […]

    How the pandemic changed me as an Employer

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    Tony Cheetham reveals his experience as an employer in Manchester city center during the COVID-19 pandemic. He and his partner run a B2B software company from an office near Piccadilly Gardens, with a team of three directors, support staff, developers and a technical support team whose day-to-day involves helping clients on the telephone with their e-commerce […]

    From PA to business owner

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    By Laura Coote, Director, Black Edge Style  Do you have a 100 fashion ideas but you’re never quite sure if you have the confidence to put yourself out there? PA Life spoke with Laura Coote, Director at Black Edge Style who is here to tell you, you can, you should and once you do, you’ll feel […]

    Q&A with Natalie Reeves, VA of the Year 2020

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    Natalie Reeves was awarded VA of the Year 2020 at the PA Life Christmas Party incorporating the Star Awards. Natalie is a Virtual Assistant who has managed to grow her business NJR Virtual PA during the pandemic. Natalie has done this whilst juggling a 4-year-old starting school and a 1-year-old who is with her full […]

    Q&A with Chris Holland, PA Life Club Member of the Year 2020

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    Last week the PA Life Star Awards took place and Chris Holland was awarded PA Life Club Member of the Year 2020. Chris is currently an Executive Assistant at Nimrod Capital LLP, but has experience working for a variety of organisations such as the NHS and financial institutions. Having worked in a range of roles […]

    How to Recognise Staff This Christmas

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    By Liz Taylor, CEO and Business Leader, Liz Taylor Consultancy Christmas is fast approaching and it’s true that this year has been very different for all the office party planners out there. So, Liz Taylor CEO and Business Leader at Liz Taylor Consultancy, shares her advice on how to recognise staff differently this Christmas… “In […]