• 1st mpu In Depth

    Are you earning enough?

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    Despite many PAs enjoying a modest increase to their salary in 2017, employees are still unhappy with their monthly income. Hays outlines its recent 2018 UK Salary and Recruitment guide and what PA professionals are looking for from their employers As employees start the year afresh, the hope of a wage increase becomes ever more […]

    Facebook’s data breach is ‘incredibly worrying’ for the industry

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    The news that Facebook is being investigated following a data breach has rocked the nation. The social media platform is reportedly being investigated by The US Federal Trade Commission after allegations that 50 million users’ private information was misused by political consultancy firm, Cambridge Analytica (CA). CA, which is based in London, denies taking the […]

    Overcoming the January blues

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    As Brits return to work this week it can be tricky to tell the difference between the January blues and depression. Dr Leigh A.Neal from Smart TMS revels his top tips on how companies can safeguard their employees’ wellbeing. Blue Monday, which this year falls on January 15, 2018, is said to be the most depressing […]