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    Five ways to be green in 2021 and 20 acts that will give you a ‘green glow’

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    According to a recent study, three quarters of adults get a ‘green glow’ from doing something positive for the environment. A feeling of joy comes from sorting the recycling into the correct boxes, batch cooking to minimise food waste, and by purchasing second-hand clothes. Other satisfying tasks include buying eco-friendly tech, cycling or walking instead of […]

    Time to say goodbye to office clothes, and hello to comfy PJs, no makeup and… no bras?

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    After being confined to our home offices for nine months, many of us have hung up our work uniforms, and have swapped them out for comfy pyjamas, no bras and minimal makeup. But have we swapped out our heels for slippers for good? Some 1,000 UK office workers were surveyed by Moneypenny to see whether […]