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    Baby boomers require physical support more than mental support in the workplace

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    Although employers realise that baby boomers are not without stress and anxiety, their main concern for this cohort of employees is physical health and wellbeing not mental health, according to research from GRiD, the industry body for the group risk protection sector. Employers believe that baby boomers – the generation born from 1946 to 1964 (aged 57-75) – have the least amount of stress and […]

    Workplace Bullying: Seven tips to dealing with it

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    Salman Raza, author of Life’s Non-Conformities: An Auditor’s Tale of Practical Application of Social, Emotional & Behavioral Strategies, provides some key advice for managers and staff…  Your daily job can become a nightmare simply by the presence of a workplace bully. Their behavior and antics can be enough to make you dread clocking in each […]