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    Handling a heatwave: How to keep employees cool when temperatures soar

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    Britain has been basking in glorious sunshine for several weeks now, making it even more important to acknowledge employees’ needs. Clare Porciani, senior manager of HR operations at Office Depot UK & Ireland, shares some top tips to help keep everyone cool while at work. The weather in Britain can often be unpredictable and on the […]

    Time to get selfish with your self-care

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    With such busy schedules, we have all been guilty of neglecting our own self-care. Amy Gallagher, founder and director of Tula Wellness, has compiled a list of tips to help stop you ‘running on empty’ and nourish yourself. I recently carried out a poll asking my Instagram followers if they spent enough time on their […]

    Overcoming the January blues

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    As Brits return to work this week it can be tricky to tell the difference between the January blues and depression. Dr Leigh A.Neal from Smart TMS revels his top tips on how companies can safeguard their employees’ wellbeing. Blue Monday, which this year falls on January 15, 2018, is said to be the most depressing […]